About us
Experience and high quality

F.A.T.A. Chiusure is a leader in the manufacture of hermetic closures for over 65 years.

For over 65 years, F.A.T.A. Chiusure has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hermetic seals in iron wire for glass jars, mechanical lever stoppers for bottles, iron hooks for racks for use in industrial painting and handles. We process iron wire up to a length of 750 mm, with a diameter of 7 mm.

We have always produced our articles entirely in-house, using machines designed and manufactured by us. Our production department also processes the plastic for the mechanical cap components. We manufacture made-to-measure and project-based items, pursuing objectives of excellence and absolute quality, in all sizes from miniature to large.

We export all over the world

We operate worldwide, with customers in Europe, Australia, the Far East, the United States and Latin America.
We strive to offer our customers the best guarantees in terms of product quality, delivery times and service.
We are official suppliers to world-leading companies including glass manufacturing groups, food packaging industries and breweries.

High-quality products.

Our products are made from high-quality materials and are available in all sizes from miniature to large.