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Purpose of this report

This page illustrates management procedures of this website,  in regards of personal data treatment related to users who consult it. By consulting this website, data related to identified or identifiable people can be treated.

It is a document provided in pursuance of Section 13 of   2016/679 (GDPR 2016/679) EU Regulation, to the people who interact with F.A.T.A. SRL web services for personal data protection, which are accessible  in a telematic way, starting from the address:

The report is related to the FIRM website only, and not to other websites that could be consulted by the user through a link.

The information is also inspired by raccomendation n. 2/2001 that European authority for personal data protection, gathered in the Group instituted by art. 29 of n. 94/46/CE Directive, adopted on May 17th 2001 to identify some minimum requirements for on-line personal data gathering, and, in particular, the procedures, times and nature of information that the treatment title holders must supply to users when they access web pages, independently from  connection purposes.

Treatment “title holder”

Treatment title holder is F.A.T.A. S.r.l. in person of its Legal Representative

Place of data treatment

Treatment connected to this website web services take place in the  aforementioned F.A.T.A. S.r.l. headquarters and are handled only by specifically appointed staff. Data is treated in the title Holder  operative venues, and in any other venue in which the parties involved in the treatment are located.

In particular, all the data related to the website, as well as the related safety copies, is stored in servers hosted in data centers located in The European Union and compliant to comunitarian laws which are in force. For further information, please contact the title Holder.

Data treatment times

Data is treated for the necessary time needed for the execution of the service required by the user, or required by the purposes described in this document, and the user can ask for treatment interruption and data cancellation.

Kind of treated data

Surfing Data

Information technology systems and software procedures, designated for this website operation acquire, through their usual managment, some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the Internet communication protocol usage. This is information that is not gathered to be associated to identified concerned subjects, but that, for its nature, could allow users identification, through elaboration and association with data which are held by third parties.

In this data category the following are included: IP addresses or the domain names of computers used by users who connect to the website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of required resources, time of the request, the way which is used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code which states the state of the response given by the server(positive ending, error, etc.), and other parameters related to the operating system and to the user’s IT environment.

This data is used only for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the website usage and to check that it works correctly, and are immediately deleted after elaboration. Data could be used to ascertain liabilities in case of hypothetical IT crime to the detriment of the website: save for this possibility, as things stand, data on web contacts do not last for more than seven days.

Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The discretionary transmission, explicit and volountary of e-mail directed to the addresses indicated in this website, involve the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, indispensable to answer the requests, as well as  possible other personal data which is inserted in the message.

Specific summary reports will progressively be reported or visualized on the website pages arranged for specific on demand services.

Cookies: what they are and how they are used

Cookies are text strings sent by a web server (for example the website)to the user’s Internet browser, automatically memorized by the latter in the user’s computer, and automatically sent back to the server at every occurrence or following access to the website.

By default, almost every web browser is set up to automatically accept cookies.

The measure dated May 8th 2014 by the personal data protection Authority, identified two cookies macro-categories: technical and aimed at profiling.

This website uses or can use, also in combination with one-another, the following technical cookies categories:

  • of “session”, which are memorized on the user’s computer for mere technical-functional necessity, for transmission of session identifiers needed to allow a safe and efficient exploration of the website; they are erased at the end of the session (hence the name) with the browser closure;
  • persistent, which remain memorized in the computer hard disk until expiration term or cancellation by the users/visitors. Through persistent cookies visitors who access the website (or possible other users that use the same computer)are automatically recognized at every visit. In this category there are also:
    cookies of functionality that allow to remember the surfing language or the shopping cart registration in online purchases.
    cookies analytics used to gather and analyze statistical information about website access/visits.
    These two kinds of cookies (of session and persistent) can be in turn:
  • "editor cookies” directly managed by the website owner and/or person in charge
  • "third party” that are cookies arranged and managed by people in charge who are unrelated to the website visited by the user: these cookies are uder direct and exclusive responsibility of that site manager.
    Among third party cookies there are Google Analytics which are used to collect aggregated statistical information, in order to evaluate the website use and the activities by the visitor, it memorizes the infomation gathered by the cookie, on servers positioned in USA or other countries. Google reserves its right to  transfer to others information gathered with its cookie, when required by law or where the third part pocesses information on their own, Google ensures of not associating the user’s IP address to any other one owned for the purpose of obtaining a more detailed user’s profile. Further information about privacy and their use can be found directly on the website of the respective site managers.
    Moreover, the website can use also profiling cookies, in combination with technical cookies. Profiling cookies are used to track the user’s web surfing and to create profiles on their characteristics, such as habits, way of living, tastes, choices, preferences, etc. With the use of this kind of cookies it is possible to transmit to the user’s computer advertisements in line with the preferences that the same user manifested during web surfing.
    How cookies work and how they are eliminated
    Visitors can set up the computer browser so that it accepts/refuses all the cookies or visualizes a notice every time a cookie is proposed, in order to evaluate whether to accept it or not. The user is allowed, anyway, to modify the default configuration and to disable cookies (that means to block them permanently), by setting up a higher protection level.
    It is also possible to visit the website, in English, for information on how to manage/eliminate cookies depending on the kind of browser used.
    To eliminate cookies from one’s smartphone/tablet’s Internet browser, it is necessary to refer to the device operating manual.
    It is reminded that to limit and/or to block the use of cookies  can compromise the available functions for surfing the website.
    In case of services supplied by third parties, the user can also exercise their own right to oppose the tracking, by informing themselves through the third party pivacy policy, by the opt out link, if explicitly supplied, or by contacting the same third party direcly.
    Without prejudice to what preceded, the title Holder informs that the user can take advantage of Your Online Choices. Through that service it is possible to manage tracking preferences of the majority of advertising tools. The title Holder, therefore,advises users to use said resource in addition to the information supplied by this document.
    Cookies use by this website
    This website uses surfing technical cookies, cookies of functionality and cookies analytics.
    List of cookies which are present on the website

Cookie name

Cookie purpose

Google Analytics __utmv

Through Google Analytics we can create personalized user’s segmentations, based on the user’s behaviour on the examined website.

This cookie allows to assign a specific segment to every visitor, in addition to supply analytical data needed to improve the website

Google Analytics __utma

This cookie registers the first and the last user’s access, allowing to discern a  one time visitor from a recurrent visitor, and the number of visits

Google Analytics __utmb  and

Google Analytics __utmc

These cookies work together to define the duration of a visit on a website.

Cookie UTMB __ take a timestamp of the moment in which the visitor enters the website.

Cookie __ utmc take a timestamp of the moment in which the visitor leaves the website.

Google Analytics __utmz

This cookie tracks specific turist information: from where the visitor comes, which search engine they used, with which key word they entered and which is their geographic location.

No user’s personal data is acquired on purpose by the website.

Cookies are not used to transmit personal information, nor any  so-called persistent cookies are used, or systems to track users.

The use of so-called cookies of session(which are not memorized in a persistent way on the user’s computer, and vanish with the browser closure)is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) needed to allow a safe and efficient exploration of the website.

The so-called cookies of session used in this website avoid to turn to other IT techniques potentially detrimental to the user’s surfing confidentiality, and do not consent to acquire user’s personal data that identifies them.

Method of Treatment

Treatment will be done automatically; with ways and tools, respecting safety measures stated by GDPR 2016/679, by  specifically appointed subjects. Safety measures will be adopted, designed to guarantee confidentiality of the subject in question, to whom that data is referred, and to avoid illicit access by third parties or unauthorized personnel.

Purpose of gathered data treatment

User’s data are gathered to allow the title holder to supply their services, as well as for the following purposes: Statistics, address management and email messages sending.

Cookies treatment ownership

Since installation of cookies and other tracking systems, conducted by third parties through services used within this website, cannot be technically checked by the title holder, every specific reference to cookies or tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered indicative.

Given the ojective complexity related to the identification of technologies based on cookies and to their very strict integration with web operation, the user is invited to contact the title holder should they wish to receive any supplementary information about the use of those cookies and possible usage of them – for example by third parties – carried out through this website.

Rights of the person corcerned

At any time, you can exercise, in accordance with articles 15-22 of GDPR 2016/679, the right:

  • to ask for the confirmation of existance or nonexistance of one’s own personal data;
  • to obtain indication about treatment purposes, personal data categories, recipients or recipients’ categories to whom personal data have been or will be communicated and, whenever possible, storage times;
  • to obtain data correction or cancellation;
  • to obtain treatment limitation;
  • to obtain data portability, that is to receive it from a treatmnent title holder, in a structured format, of common use and readible with an automatic device, and transmit them to another treatment title holder without impediment;
  • to oppose treatment at any time and in case of treatment for direct marketing purposes, as well;
  • to oppose an automated decisional process related to natural persons, profiling included.

To assert one’s rights and/or to ask for further information you can address the Treatment title holder F.A.T.A. S.r.l. with legal and treatment head office in Via Moziollo n. 1 – 42020, Rosano di Vetto (R.E.) – mail:

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